Certified Nursing Assistants

Windsor Lodge is looking to add a few Certified Nursing Assistants to our team! We have full time and part time positions available for CNAs. Windsor Lodge is a family owned and operated business, located in Jasper, GA.

  • Assist residents in bathing, shampooing hair, skin and nail care, dressing, feeding, shaving, and keeping oral hygiene. These duties are mostly done by CNAs who are working in the starting shift of the day. If you are in this shift, you have to measure the vital signs as well. The outgoing nurse aide will provide you with heads-up and walk through all the beds.
  • Depending on the needs of the facility, you may have to do the laundry and light housekeeping work. If the facility has already made provisions and have the resources, these tasks are not included in the job.
  • Monitoring health changes in the residents, knowing their needs and reporting to the nurse and executive director.
  • Maintaining safe environment for residents, responding to their calls in time, offering them all kinds of support, and holding privacy and confidentiality of residents at high esteem are important responsibilities.

If interested, please visit us at 190 Sammy McGhee Blvd in Jasper to fill out an application.